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Memorial Section 

Ozzy Fidgett"Dear Anca, Karen, Anita and all staff,

Thank you for all of the care you’ve provided for Bailey over the years.

I’d like to also thank you for being there for me & Bailey when she became sick. It’s very hard without her, so very sad. I appreciate the time you let me cry & cuddle her. I appreciate you both and Anita and all the other staff and reception staff.

Bailey is missed so very much!"

Miss Easey.

Ozzy Fidgett"I first came to St. Runwald’s in 2005 to register my Police Dog Ned and later to register Ozzy.

14 years of visiting you, 14 years of receiving all your professional help and your total love and affection for my dogs.

You may not realise it but, by helping to keep me going, we managed to do some good in the world.

I remember once sleeping in your car park one Christmas so Anita could sign Ned back to work after illness. That night he caught a burglar. If you had not been there, we would not have worked.

Ozzy then came along and again, he received the special  St. Runwald’s treatment from you all. Always polite, always caring, always looking out for us.

It was always a pleasure to visit you despite the fact that I probably made you late when telling you my stories.

I would hope we may all meet again one day but, for now a very big THANK YOU From Me, Ned & Ozzy."

Mr Fidgett.

Mel Digby"To all the staff at St. Runwald’s,

Thank you very much for the brilliant service you have provided our family in the 17 years that we owned Mel.

Nothing was ever too much trouble.

Special thanks go to Anesha, Beth, Laura and Rose who, over the years, we had many dealings with.

I’m sure that Mel lasted 17 years purely on the love and care she received not just from us, but from you too.

Thank you all for everything.”

The Digby Family.


"Dear Anita, all the lovely nurses and everyone else who cared for Suzy, our lovely sweet girl.

Thank you so much for your lovely card, it was very thoughtful and made us cry but in a good way. We know she had a good life with us and is at peace now. It never gets easier but more difficult to part with our best friends!

Thank you for looking after her when she was so ill.”

From Sara, Giorgio & Family. Xxx

Faith“To everyone at St. Runwald’s, past and present,

I just wanted to say thank you for helping to look after Faith over the past 12 years.

She was my best friend and the love of my life.

Since she died on 11/1/2019 things have been very hard for me and Shelby, she hasn’t left my side as she misses Faith too.

Time will help me but, for now, every day is a sad one.

Thanks to all of you who knew her and treated her so well.”

Malcolm & Shelby.

Brandy“Dear Anita and all at St. Runwald’s,

Words cannot express our thanks to you all for looking after our beautiful Brandy over the years.

The shock of his diagnosis and passing in just 3 weeks, has been extremely difficult to come to terms with. We are all devastated and miss him deeply.

He loved his visits to St. Runwald’s and he enjoyed the fuss and attention you gave him. He was always hunting around Anita’s room for the gravy bones and knew how to turn on the charm to get one, or usually, quite a few!

Our thanks to Eric, Rosie and Tracy who were so kind to us on the day of his passing.

He was a very special boy, not only to us but to you all too. He will be remembered with happiness by us all because of the memories he gave us.”

Love Alison, Andrew & Rachel.


Luca"To Everyone at St. Runwald's Veterinary Surgery,

We all miss our handsome, loyal, soft natured friend Luca. He was always there for all the family, listening with his soft, concerned eyes.

He was a great companion for Poppy and was always ready for a walk in the woods to meet and have fun with his doggy friends.

Thank you to everyone, the Vets, Nurses and Reception staff who have cared for and supported Luca over his 13 years, especially those involved in his care in January who gave him many more months with us and a final holiday in the Yorkshire Dales which we watched him enjoy.”

The Denney Family


Toby"To Everyone at St. Runwald's Veterinary Surgery

Thank you for looking after me so well xxx "

Toby Garnham


Ivy"To Everyone at St. Runwald's Veterinary Surgery

Thank you for caring for Ivy over the last 21 years! We appreciate the thoughtful card"

J. Broomfield & Family


Tigger"Julian and I would like to thank everyone there this morning who helped us ease Tigger out of his pain.  We especially would like to thank Pilar who was so very gentle and kind with both our boys but especially  with our star Tigger.  Thank you also for accommodating us at short notice.

He had a good life and was a star at agility and made it 13 days past his 15th birthday despite getting vestibular syndrome over a year ago and due in great part to all the care that he has received from yourselves since we brought him there at 12 weeks of age.

The nurse also deserves special mention for being so gentle with our old boy.

Just thank you for always being there for the 30 odd years that I have had dogs.  The travel from Harwich to Colchester is always worth it to receive such special care."

Karen and Julian Marshall

Meg"I lost my darling little Meg on the 29th of November 2018. I'm heart-broken and it's difficult to discuss her at the moment without bursting into tears. So, I'm emailing you instead to say a massive thank you to the staff on reception who were always kind and helpful. Also to Karen who gave me advice on Meg's diet and who comforted her after an anaesthetic. 

My especial thanks must be for Eric, Meg's vet. One of the kindest most compassionate people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Ever gentle with Meg and totally thorough during examinations and diagnostics. 

I would recommend St Runwalds to anyone. Would never dream of going anywhere else.”

Mrs Betty.

Levi“Thank you for looking after Levi. He was our little friend, always full of life and we shall miss him dearly.

Regards to all the staff for their kindness.

Thank you for your card, it was a lovely surprise. He was a little star. Thank you all for looking after him so well over the years. He loved going to see you all.

Thank you again.”

Phyllis & Chris Ferris.



Peanuts“I cannot express how grateful I am for all you have done for my little fur boy Peanuts. Without your support, I’m sure Peanuts would have left us sooner. However, he had a good life and although we had to say goodbye to him I know it was the right decision and I thank you again for the care and support.”

Amanda, Jakob & Pebbles.



Ted“We would like to thank all the staff for their love and care shown to our wonderful dog Ted for over 13 years.

The compassion and support during the end of his life made a very upsetting time a little easier to bare.

Ted was so special to us, he gave us so much joy and is sadly missed.”

Mr & Mrs Mathias.



Tino“To Everyone at St. Runwald’s

A big thank you for all the kindness and thoughtfulness you have showed us and our dear old Tino.”

Yvonne & Dave Garner.



Liz, Matthew and Sam“Dear St Runwalds

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the beautiful condolence card you sent regarding Ruby. We were all really touched.

I also wanted to say how grateful we have been for the amazing care that Ruby received which helped her to live a much longer and healthier life and for all the help and support from the whole team. Both Anita and Nish have been outstanding and we can't thank them enough for the fantastic treatment, care and support they gave to Ruby over the years.Also Nish and Sally were so kind and supportive to both me and Sam in those last moments something I am particularly grateful for and which meant so much.

Ruby's ending was so peaceful and dignified and that was of great comfort to us. You really are the most amazing team at St Runwalds and we are forever grateful to you for everything you have done for our two very loved and special cats over the years.”

Liz, Matthew and Sam