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Welcome To St Runwald's Veterinary Surgery 

 Update 15th April

Dear Client,

An update in these very sad and difficult times, 15th April 2020.

In light of the government’s current advice during the Covid-19 pandemic to extend the period of lockdown, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the British Veterinary Association have together looked at the guidance given to practitioners regarding some aspects of their day-to-day work. 

The services we provide will continue to be carried out in a manner that supports social distancing thereby helping to slow the spread of Covid-19 but some aspects of the services we can carry out have been  reviewed, notably vaccinations and neutering.  With the now extended period over which we need to reduce face-to-face contact the necessity to strike a balance between maintaining pet health whilst reducing direct human contact has been reviewed. New guidance for veterinary practices in providing essential veterinary care means our policy has been revised in line with these changes proposed by the above professional bodies.

For us, our duty of care means ensuring the safety of our team members, our clients and the welfare and well-being of our patients.


Please be aware that it is impossible to say annual vaccinations are available for all. We are still required to assess certain criteria when prioritising which patients should be seen for their vaccinations. In general however primary courses and year 1 boosters in dogs and cats can go ahead as there is perceived an increased risk of disease outbreak over a longer period of time. We also appreciate that the threat of some diseases we vaccinate against are dependent on the lifestyle of the pet and that some pets may be more susceptible taking into consideration other aspects of their health. Examples here would be the disease leptospirosis where immunity drops off after the due date of annual vaccination. Sources of the bacterium causing this disease include rat urine so more rurally dwelling dogs or those exercising in the countryside or swimming in rivers are at greater risk if not vaccinated. Sadly, clinically occasional cases of this disease still arise in practice.

Please note that in the case of kennel cough vaccinations the guidance is to suspend or delay these.

If your pet is due their rabies booster in line with them to be repatriated home this would also be considered as necessary and could be carried out during a visit when another core component of vaccination was to be given (allowing for compatibility of vaccine type used).

For adult cats, these should be vaccinated on a risk basis only, so if it has been over 15 months from their last booster and they regularly go outside where they meet other cats then we would consider giving them their vaccinations.

If during discussion with the veterinary surgeon, your circumstances mean that for the health of your pet a lapsed booster is required (so two injections a few weeks apart) this will be conducted at the usual booster price so no one is disadvantaged by the situation we find ourselves in.


Each pet will be considered on an individual basis and other options apart from surgical neutering considered first. This means that an operation to remove the ovaries, uterus or testes will only be carried out where essential for animal health/ welfare or population control eg if a young entire cat cannot be kept indoors or if they live in a mixed sex pairing or group where pregnancy may be an outcome. 

For rabbits that are social animals and ideally live in groups neutering can be undertaken to control the population and prevent behavioural problems.

Visiting the practice.


We are asking that when you book an appointment at the surgery you stay in the car park and call us to alert us of your arrival. The history for your pet’s presenting condition will be taken either over the phone or by a member of staff coming out to you (maintaining the 2-metre distance). Your pet will then be taken into the practice for any treatment to be given and returned to you. Please call us to pay by card or we will call you. In the event you are ordering food or medication, please note we have designated times for collection that we would ideally like you to adhere to, these are 12pm to 2 pm and 4pm to 5 pm weekdays and 10am to 12 noon on a Saturday. Please knock at the door as it will be locked at all times apart from when staff need access to attend the animals. We will bring your medication to the door for you.

If anyone is self-isolating for worries of having Covid-19  symptoms please DO NOT come to the practice, please make our staff aware of your situation so advice can be sort on how best to manage the concerns you have for your pet.

It is anticipated that this advice provides guidance that allows decisions to be made on a case-by-case basis on a rolling two-month timeframe effective for the duration of the lockdown period and until further notice.

We really do understand how hard this is for everyone when the love and worry you will all have for your animals and their well-being has to be reconciled with the real threat and concern to your personal health and that of those you love in your families. 

Please stay safe and we are at the end of a phone and holding your hand if we could.

With best wishes always, Anita and team x

 Clarifying The Position On Whether You Should Keep Your Cat Indoors

Please note the BVA (British Veterinary Association) have released the a statement on this topic which you can read by visiting their website here.

Calling all rabbit owners!

We are aware that, at this time of year, the risk of myxomatosis and haemorrhagic disease to your rabbit is very high.

We would therefore like you to be aware that we will be carrying out routine rabbit vaccinations as normal. Please call reception to book your appointment.

A Thank You

I would like everyone to know how grateful we all are to receive your continued emails, many with kind words to say about the work we are doing and that you are pleased we are here for you.

Personally l am also touched by those who have sent me messages directly, some of you who sadly no longer have a pet that we once cared for, have taken the time to wish us well in this difficult period. It has been a nostalgic trip of memories that return like yesterday.

Thank you also to everyone for their understanding. Each day is presenting new challenges, not just for us, but for everyone, no matter what their role is in helping make a difference. The support we have been shown is helping us immensely as we evolve to meet what we are facing.

I hope we can look forward to happier times ahead when we can engage with you and your pets as we would normally,

Yours, Anita.

Practice News Flash - 26th March 2PM

Dear valued client,

In light of the latest government and RCVS announcements l am having to make some very difficult decisions here at St Runwalds. We have had guidance, and it is agreed that "veterinary practices must reduce face to face contact immediately, switching to providing emergency care only, fulfilment of urgent prescriptions and maintaining the food supply chain."

With a heavy heart therefore we will only be offering an emergency service so that is sick pets, unstable, long term patients on medication or medication checks /essential blood tests to allow ongoing prescribing. Vets Now are currently maintaining their out of hours service with our phones going over at 6.30 pm weekdays and 12.30 pm on a Saturday (contact number 01206 842224). We will continue to open at 8 am and close at 6.30 pm Monday to Friday and 8 am to 12.30 pm on a Saturday (appointments Saturday 8.30 am to 12.15 pm). Consultations will be, as far as possible, staggered during the day. Our door will be closed as a health precaution to limit people congregating in the reception area. Upon arrival please use your telephone to call reception and alert them to your arrival. A vet or nurse will then come out to you and discuss your pets problem, thereafter a member of staff will bring your pet inside (without you) for the necessary treatment/ investigations discussed. We are then asking you to call us to make the necessary payment. Please try to remember to do this, a call we make is time we are not taking potential urgent calls. If you arrive to collect an item please knock on the door and be aware as we are running on reduced staffing levels. The receptionist may be elsewhere so, we ask for your patience and another knock! We ask that you collect any items, where possible, between the hours of 12pm and 2pm or 4pm and 5pm.

In some circumstances it may be necessary to conduct a telephone consultation depending on your own risk category and the problem. Please note these consultations are chargeable as usual.

Urgent prescriptions- For pets on long-term medication, we will still be able to provide (supplies allowing) their regular prescription. Those we have not seen for over 6 months may need a phone consultation to assess their current health. These will be charged as a medication check-up consultation.

Wormers and flea treatment are NOT deemed urgent prescriptions and can be resumed when it is safe to travel again.

Please understand that many of these necessary policies go against the ethos of best veterinary care but, we are facing extraordinary times where everyone must make compromises to save human lives.

Please be sympathetic to my staff who are doing their level best to continue to provide a service to the community. We are acting under the advice of the RCVS and Government and are having to juggle animal welfare with that of the global population as well as maintaining own personal safety whilst at work.

Stay safe and use this time to spend quality time with your immediate family and your pets.

Warm wishes Anita & the team at St. Runwald’s Veterinary Surgery.

Practice News Flash - 26th March

Please can our clients note that the situation in the veterinary industry, in relation to Coronavirus, is changing day to day and in accordance with guidance we are receiving from the Royal College.

We have to advise you that with immediate effect appointments for all routine purposes will no longer be available. For example, your pet’s annual vaccinationprimary course for kittens and puppies.

We fully understand the frustration that this may cause. This is something we would not normally advocate but in the current climate we have to look at the whole picture on a risk/ benefit basis. The Coronavirus has spread dramatically and with the result that loved ones will be parted from us. The government’s strategy is to try and curtail spread. Advocating that all non-vital trips from home must cease. This is to protect people in the front line, those in medicine that, like us, ethically defend their patient's wellbeing allowing them to have a fighting chance to treat people and not to be overwhelmed by caseload. We need to help them.

Vaccination is imperative to maintain herd immunity that is immunity of the majority so there are less carriers and reservoirs of infection for the vulnerable few. That said herd immunity where most pets are vaccinated will help protect those that lapse. Some may even have immunity to help them if they do 'go over the vaccination interval'. Risk to a pet is also evaluated through lifestyle so with restrictions on walking and outdoor pursuits, distance from others and fellow pets is recommended. Also keeping your dog on a lead helps so you can control where they roam and what they may pick up. Cats are obviously totally different but often being solitary creatures may help at this time.

We hope that once this is all passed we will do a vaccine amnesty so a full course of vaccinations can be done for the cost of a booster. Cases where the feline care plan is applicable will be looked at separately.

We are trying daily to adapt to guidance we receive, many of these situations are beyond our control, please don’t blame us. So unless we are looking to treat your sick pet or you are collecting vital medication, including food, we would ask you to refrain from visiting the practice please.

Thank you for your understanding. Anita.

Practice News Flash - 25th March

Arrangements for the collection of food and medication from St. Runwald’s Veterinary Surgery

If you are due to collect any items from the practice, we would appreciate you kindly calling us to arrange payment BEFORE coming in.

This allows us to stagger timings of clients attending the premises.

We regret to inform you that, without prior payment, these items can no longer be released from the practice.

We thank you for your help and cooperation in these difficult times.


Anita & the team at St. Runwald’s.

Update for our clients

Please note we are open as usual with certain precautions.

You will be advised of these measures upon entry to the building but obviously, circumstances may change day to day with government directive.

We would also be grateful for you to order the next 2 to 3 months of any medication your pet requires at the earliest opportunity as, unfortunately, we cannot predict any problems with the supply chain.

We would ask you to order any medication as soon as possible in light of Government restrictions.

Please be aware that there may be occasions where it might not be appropriate to give your pet this length of treatment due to the nature of the condition we are treating. Under these instances, this will be at the vet’s discretion.

We appreciate you helping us by following the guidelines on display at the practice. It is our intention to be here for you and your pet unless the Government or our royal body advise us otherwise. Please help us to ensure the welfare of our staff by advising us of any potential risks you are aware of relating to your visit.

We have not encountered these difficult times previously and your co-operation is vital

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